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The Problem With Most Workouts

A Deceptively Simple Thing Most People Do That Slowly Destroys Their Health


I don’t care whether it’s with a personal trainer or a well-meaning fitness boot camp. Most people are exercising out of a form where it makes the optimal benefits of the workout impossible.

And worse, reinforces negative movement patterns, adds increased stress on joints, and strengthens dysfunctions.

If they would just take a little bit of time to get their body straight before they start to strengthen and condition, the benefits they’ll receive will be more than what they had ever imagined.

They’ll get more out of the immediate workouts, and the long-term health benefits will be the real surprise. And really, it’s the long-term health benefits they should be after in the first place.

So what are these long-term health benefits?

First and foremost, it’s the ability to move well into your later years.

What good is it to work out if it ends up damaging your body?

Worse than continually pounding on asphalt and concrete as their primary running surfaces, I see people running with a grimace on their face…And they’re barely running. You can probably walk faster. And their form is awful.

Something is wrong with their bodies, and they’re not listening.

Guess what? In the vast majority of cases, it’s going to get worse.

But they love to tell people, “I just ran 5 miles.”

If that’s you in any way, please stop.

If you wake up consistently with a stiff body, and have to lubricate yourself to get moving every day in only your 50s and 60s, is that really optimal health?

I don’t imagine this is why you’ve been working out.

The best of intentions does not mean the best results.

You can be sincere in your efforts to exercise and eat well, and be sincerely wrong.

So how do you make sure you don’t fall into this trap?

It’s very simple…

You properly evaluate your situation, your body.

In the next post, I will take you through a quick evaluation of your body.

Or you can do even better than that, and simply sign up for a free postural alignment health analysis. It’s right on the top of the home page.

Someone asked me, “Why wouldn’t someone take advantage of your free assessment?”

Here’s why: They’re scared. They don’t want to know.

Because if they know, they can’t hide from the truth anymore. They’re now faced with something concrete, and they can’t ignore it.

They can’t carry around their story about why they think they have pain or stiffness. They can swap stories with others.

For some, it might mean temporarily stopping or curtailing an activity until they get straight. And that’s become part of their identity.

Meanwhile, they’ll continue to put undue stress on joints. Maybe even pain free for several decades, but then it hits them like two tons of brick.

I always tell someone in only their 20’s, “You’re lucky we’re looking at you now. Now you’ll know. And you’ll get yourself positioned well for the rest of your life.”

So do you know your situation?

Do you know for sure your body alignment is ideal?

Or are you living with very common dysfunctions that are driving more and more hip and knee replacements these days?

Don’t be scared to find out.

The pain that comes from not knowing will slowly eat away at you.

Unlike cars – that show dysfunctions and alignment issues by wearing out tires faster – our bodies compensate. They adjust to allow us to function. But the further we move out of the body’s optimal design, the more damage that’s done.

You don’t have to feel pain right now to have compounding damage in your body.

This is difficult to get across to people.

Some people are proactive and believe in checking things. They believe in making sure there aren’t big, but unknown problems lurking.

Unfortunately, most of these people are proactive with their cars and household items (AC units and furnaces).

How about you?

Where do you stand?

If I can get you to only one thing health related this year, please make sure you evaluate the structural integrity, the postural alignment of your body.

It will positively impact your life forever.

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