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What kind of fish oil supplements did they take?

That’s the biggest problem I have with this fish oil study. And that’s a big problem.

It doesn’t talk about a specific kind of fish oil supplement taken.

That’s similar to any study that might conclude that eating beef increases your risk of colon cancer by 70 percent.

What kind of beef?

Grass fed beef from cows that lives naturally in a field most of the time, or beef from cows crammed in a dung filled pen eating juiced up, pesticide riddled corn and grains?

There are scores of supplement companies selling a mix of fish oils blended from filthy fish from polluted waters.

This researcher, correct me if I’m wrong, even mentioned it might not be good to eat fish at all.


Which fish? From where?

Ridiculous conclusions because they’re way to open ended. Again, going back to beef. I would choose NOT to eat beef at all from “conventional” corn and grain fed cattle from the beef factories. But I choose to eat grass fed beef from pastures I can see. I don’t eat meat every day, but probably once a week.

I would also choose NOT to eat any fish if came from filthy waters. Unfortunately, that means a lot of the waters in the world right now. But that doesn’t mean I won’t eat fish.

So let’s wrap this up with…

Fish Oil Pills vs. Fish Oil From Fish

First, I’m not a big believer and slamming handfuls of vitamins a day. That includes fish oils.

I aim to get the majority of my nutrients from food. Period.

My primary daily consumption of supplements comes from an organic, whole food multivitamin and mineral supplement that you can comfortably take on an empty stomach. I then take a natural COQ10 supplement. In the Winter, I take liquid Vitamin D3 to offset the lack of sunshine (more on this another time).

The common theme here is I take supplements in limited quantities that are primarily in a food base form. The other key supplement I take, if you want to call it that, is a green drink blend of some form (be it live juiced or freeze dried).

I’m also a believer in using plants, herbs, and mushrooms as “boosters” and “adoptagens” to aid the body – especially during change of seasons, added stress and overload, and for immunity boosters.

These are time tested formulas that are natural.

I take zero prescription pills. There would be no pharmaceutical company if they relied on millions of people like me. Even with a major surgery, I probably consumed 10% of the prescribed pain pills. I want to know what’s going on in my body. Pain is a signal, and there are much better natural pain relievers than what most people take.

But back to fish oil pills vs. fish oil from fish.

If you’re taking a moderate amount of fish oil supplements from a company that uses clean fish from deeper waters, and has a tested process for formulating their supplements, I would say continue to take them vs. eating dirty fish.

However, if you can swing eating some wild salmon as an example, a couple times a week, and grass fed beef – then you could probably skip the fish oil pills.

Fresh, clean food always wins over manufactured supplements.

When you do take supplements, check the ingredients. Choose organic and food based supplements.

Pure Health Performance will most likely begin to offer some of the formulas I’ve used over the years – but again, supplements are not meant to be substitutes.

I’d like to remind you that I’m not a medical doctor. I don’t get to go on lavish pharmaceutical vacations, and I’m not involved with any policies written for the health care plan act. So you should really seek the advice of your doctor and pharmaceutical company of choice before taking any advice from someone like me 😉

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