If you’re musculoskeletal system is off, you can’t perform to YOUR highest ability and you’re at greater risk for injuries.



And here’s the cold, harsh reality: Very few people (and that includes pro athletes) have zero musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

So how serious are you about your sports career?

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Make sure every player on your team is 100% ready

If you’re having us provide a Full Postural Alignment Health Analysis (PAHA) for you, I strongly urge you to get your team on board too.

Your individual performance will be better with a stronger team. Period. This could be the difference for you getting a full scholarship, or making it all the way to the pros. Equally important, if you have teammates who are not 100% game ready, you increase your odds of getting injured. Think about that. If you’re a quarterback on a football team, do you want your lineman and blocking backs playing on anything less than a body fully ready to perform at its best?

No way.

We have a special program for teams, and look forward to working with you and your team (if you’re playing a team sport). But I encourage YOU to get started first, and lead the way. At the same time, let us know you’re part of a team, and for helping organize this effort we’ll have special pricing for you and the entire team.

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“Mark Fitzpatrick is the real deal. When we met over 20-years ago, I was having some challenges. He was all of 21, but he broke me down like Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid. He had an instinct to notice weaknesses and imbalances that I had with my body, and how to get me to fix them . For three months, he trained me like nothing I’ve ever been through. As I was in the midst of changing management teams (something Mark helped put together), I was out of the boxing ring for the most part. But we got a call with an offer to fight up in weight class for the WBC Cruiserweight title – but with only a few weeks to prepare. The WBC champion figured it would be an easy fight. I took the fight, and got knocked down hard in the 1st round. But I got up in fog, and because of what Mark had me go through, I managed to stay in the fight, and actually get stronger in the later rounds, starting to work the champion. I eventually lost in a decision, but fighting up in weight class for the first time on just a few weeks notice against the world champion wasn’t a complete loss. And no question about it, if I had not worked with Mark, I wouldn’t have made it past the 1st round in that fight.”

Andrew Maynard (1988 Olympic Gold Medalist Boxer and former NABF Light Heavyweight Champion)