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My Healthy Living Plan

If you really digest these bullet points, it can replace several health books.

    • Simple is better with nearly everything
    • Movement = Energy = Growth = Life
    • No Movement = Fatigue = Atrophy = Death
    • Eat only organic foods (dinner out a few times a month is okay)
    • Drink lots of fresh, pure water first thing and throughout the day
    • Eat for nutrition, not to stuff yourself and pass time
    • Know where your food comes from and how it’s raised
    • Grow and eat some of your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs
    • Drink one super green mix drink a day
    • If you can’t do a pull up or push up properly, stop using weights
    • Variety of movement is the key (run, jump, roll, pull, throw, kick, crawl, climb, walk, squat, and bend)
    • Play a sport at least once a week for exercise
    • Don’t be a lazy bench parent at the park (slide, swing, climb, and jump)
    • Walk around barefoot (always in the house and outside when possible)
    • Pull ups, push ups, hand stands, squats, jumping rope, and anything with your body trumps fancy machines. It’s not even close.
    • Push, pull, and lift heavy stuff at least once a week
    • Never blindly take any pills (or shots) a doctor says “are perfectly safe” without looking more closely at what you’re taking and the effects long term
    • Take a walk after dinner with someone you love
    • Eat “real” junk food for desert (grass fed butter, raw honey, dark chocolate, fresh fruits, etc.)

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