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Living Longer Without Living Older…

Painful Questions You Better Answer…

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According to new research findings from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, the average life span should reach above 80 for most developing countries.

Nothing new though really.

We know this. We know about the medical advances that help prolong life. The threat of wild animals killing man is essentially non-existent in modern societies (man killing man in some cities is another story).

I can tell you without question, at Pure Health Performance I see younger and younger people with postural alignment issues already leading to compensations (the wrong muscles doing a job). So you can imagine what the VAST majority of people over 40 look like. Far away from the Optimal Design they were born with.

Years and years of compensating muscles taking a beating while the big muscles lie dormant. Not only does living this way make life more difficult just getting around, you look worse too.

Will you live a life of manipulation and control?

For many, the answer will be “Yes.” They will be hooked on so called anti-depressants (with side effects of suicide?), pain killers, and surgeries. It’s my guess that many people will live the last 30-40 years of their lives hardly functional.

You’ll see people shuffling around at a snails pace, or more likely zipping by on scooters. We’re going to look like an overpopulated nation of scooters. The scooter insurance business will boom.

This reliance on more modern conveniences will lead to even more limited lives those last 30-40 years.

Oh, not limited visually, but limited in real hands on experiences. There’s a difference between watching a sport, and playing a sport. There’s a difference between sitting on the sand at the beach, and jumping in the ocean and then sitting on the sand.

Let’s not even get into the cost and emotional charged debates over health insurance our continued path will surely take us.

There are tens of millions more cars (people) out their not taking care of their bodies. And there are tens of thousands of mechanics (doctors) who will be part of the system to repair them the medical system way. But repairing only does so much. And repairing and replacing perfectly designed parts (in most cases) will never produce the same result.

The body is a magnificent system that works as a whole, not as individual parts.

It’s my hope more people will get it that the best way is also the simplest way and the most cost effective way.

Here’s the catch though…

The best way and the healthiest way requires YOU to actually take complete control of your health.

Forget your doctor for now, and focus on yourself as the cause of your health problems…And the solution to your health problems.

I stepped out for a meeting (while writing this post at this exact point). While driving home, I talked with a friend in his mid-40’s. His doctor told him he’s going to need a knee replacement sometime. Essentially he told me this:

But if you have a knee replacement now, you’ll likely need three more during your lifetime. So let’s try and hold it off as long as we can.

I told my friend, who’s already felt some relief with his back from our work together, you must do everything you can to get your body back into it’s Optimal Design. To live any other way will surely bring more pain.

Even if you get a knee replacement, doesn’t it make sense to address any musculoskeletal problems that most likely caused the cartilage to wear away in the first place?

Knee Replacements don’t change postural deviations and problems.

His cartilage is fine in his other knee. He just received a serious of injection in the knee targeted for a knee replacement. This is serious.

You can imagine what’s going through his head. I told him to control what you can control. If you don’t, you’re to blame – at least in part.

So what’s your situation?

Do you know for sure if your body has musculoskeletal imbalances? Asymmetry? Deviations?

Whatever you want to call it. If you’re body does not fit in the Optimal Design of ALL of your load joints (shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles) stacked directly over top of each other – as well as level (even) horizontally – then you’re creating excess stress on your joints.


What you don’t know WILL hurt you.

We’re here to help you know, and get your body back into the best position possible. Don’t accept anything less. Why live a life with years of pain down the road. And if you’re in pain right now, what are you waiting for?

Contact us and we’ll help get you straight.

You’ll have the peace of mind to know what’s going on with your body.

The health care system is getting worse. Make no mistake about it. You don’t want to be reliant on it for pure health.

Be proactive and take control of your own health.

Control what you can control. Live your life from a position of strength – moving with a body that’s primed for living longer without living older.

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