Get your full Postural Alignment Health Analysis anywhere in the world, anytime.

If you’re too far away for an in person Postural Alignment Health Assessment (PAHA), this is the perfect solution.

The power of pictures and live video allows you to receive the same benefits of in depth diagnosis followed by proscribed treatment and training. It’s as close to being with me in person, and completely private.

All you need is a computer with a webcam and Skype Software installed. If you don’t have Skype, you can download a free copy @ Skype. Just create an account, and you’re ready to go.

The Pure Health Performance Picture Analysis enables you to get a thorough diagnose without the Live Skype session. We offer live video because some people like to have live interaction, but aren’t in the Washington DC metro area. Here’s everything you get (plus always ongoing help):

Full Postural Alignment Health Analysis:

  • Comprehensive Postural Alignment Health Analysis and Walk-thru ($150)
  • Complete one-on-one custom treatment plan workout session with Mark Fitzpatrick ($100)
  • The Pure Health Plan ($50)

Complete Package: $250

Yet, if either a full in-person or live on skype consultation is either cost prohibitive or just not possible for you for whatever reason, you can still get MAJOR benefits from our…

Full Postural Alignment Picture Analysis:

  • Targeted Picture Postural Alignment Analysis ($75)
  • Complete custom treatment plan workout emailed to you with pictures and videos ($75)
  • The Pure Health Plan ($50)

Complete Special Price: $110

You will just need to upload four specific photos showing your posture following the simple but specific instructions we’ll send you. I will then analyze your photos and the health intake form you filled out. You’ll then be emailed your custom menu of corrective stretches and exercises that you’ll start benefiting from right away.

The analysis of your postural positions is the core of any treatment – be it In-Person or Live On Skype.

What’s MOST important is taking action today by choosing one form of consultation. Make sure you’re not like the car owner who drives around with a misaligned car, then gets angry at his car, his tires (worn out unevenly), and his mechanic (costs more now).

Choose the consultation option that works best for you. Just don’t choose to do nothing.

Cavities and decay don’t go away. They get worse. Whether you know you have them or not. Postural alignment and musculoskeletal dysfunctions don’t go away or get better either – UNLESS specific, targeted corrective measures are taken by YOU. We can give you what you need, but you have to take ownership to get started.

We are excited to help you move closer and close towards Pure Health.


What others are saying…

“Mark Fitzpatrick is the real deal. When we met over 20-years ago, I was having some challenges. He was all of 21, but he broke me down like Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid. He had an instinct to notice weaknesses and imbalances that I had with my body, and how to get me to fix them . For three months, he trained me like nothing I’ve ever been through. As I was in the midst of changing management teams (something Mark helped put together), I was out of the boxing ring for the most part. But we got a call with an offer to fight up in weight class for the WBC Cruiserweight title – but with only a few weeks to prepare. The WBC champion figured it would be an easy fight. I took the fight, and got knocked down hard in the 1st round. But I got up in fog, and because of what Mark had me go through, I managed to stay in the fight, and actually get stronger in the later rounds, starting to work the champion. I eventually lost in a decision, but fighting up in weight class for the first time on just a few weeks notice against the world champion wasn’t a complete loss. And no question about it, if I had not worked with Mark, I wouldn’t have made it past the 1st round in that fight.”

Andrew Maynard (1988 Olympic Gold Medalist Boxer and former NABF Light Heavyweight Champion)


My husband has seen first hand a few of my demobilizing back pain moments. It feels as if someone is pulling my nerve down from my lower back to my knee. With both a one-year old and a two-year old constantly needing my attention, and a busy skin care practice, I kept putting off having him help me. Finally, after not being able to move, he said, ‘Give me 5-minutes.’ I couldn’t refuse this time. He sees my neck forward, and cringes at my weight distribution on my feet, and promised me my pains will get worse. Well, he had to help me move into one position, but after 5 minutes, I felt amazingly better! He said, ‘One more thing.’ After one minute of a static position (that really works the thigh muscles), he had me stand up and walk around. I could actually walk around almost normal again. The next day, he walked me through this one more time, and I was pain free.

 Nhan Fitzpatrick (mother of two and spa owner)


“For years I’ve woken up with a stiff lower back. It was to the point where I kind of just accepted it, and dealt with it. And occasionally it would lock up completely. Mark told me he could help me. At first I wondered to myself, ‘How he could help my back by looking at four pictures of me standing?’ But since I know he has a tremendous amount of wisdom with health and fitness, I listened and followed what he mapped out for me. He said, ‘Do these, and tell me how you feel.’ To my amazement, I felt better after just the first few exercises. I’m amazed because the exercises aren’t necessarily directed towards my lower back (where I was tight) or my hamstrings. I’d been told (by a doctor) that I should be stretching my hamstrings. Ironically, when I’m finished the short exercises Mark proscribed for me – which aren’t even directed at the hamstrings – they are instantly more flexible! What was helpful also was he showed me, if I’m pressed for time in the morning, which exercises and stretches to start the day with (one I’m really just laying down). And sure enough, when I start the day with them, it just puts my body in a much better position. I feel so much better. I don’t have the stiffness or the feeling of my back locking up anymore. .”

Dan Diggs (Sales Executive)