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Is Your Marathon Addiction Killing You Faster?

Research has embraced my long standing belief…

Something in my gut always told me that running for much more than a few miles didn’t really serve a purpose. Here’s how my unscientific thinking began:

  1. Running for long distances was not something man was ever required to do for basic needs
  2. Animals don’t hunt this way (sprint, kill, and take a break)
  3. No sport requires us to run and run and run (sprint, make a play, and take a break)

So with that said, I urge any marathon or ultra-endurance athletes to pay attention. I know, it can be addicting. But if you think you’re doing it for optimal health, then stop.

If you know running long distances on a consistent basis is not good for you (and your heart to be specific), then run on.

But watch this short video first from Dr. James O’Keefe first.


And no matter what exercise you ultimately decide to do consistently, make sure your body can move from a strong foundation. Make sure your body is in balance. If it’s off, any exercise may end up hurting you even while it’s helping you.

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