How come my doctor never talked about my musculoskeletal system when I said my lower back hurt?

I don’t know. That’s a good question. And certainly we don’t want to lump all doctors in the same bin.

After dealing with three injuries in my life that affected my sports performance at various times, I have wondered this question myself. And that’s why I do what I do.

The reality is most doctors aren’t schooled to look at the hips affect on the shoulder. And most people never go to a doctor until they’ve torn say a rotator cuff. Now at the doctor’s office, a scan of the shoulder will be taken. Sure enough, it reveals a tear. Surgery is needed to repair the tear you’re told.

But what you’re not told is what caused that tear in the first place. And I’d be stunned if you were told by a doctor not trained like me that it was your pelvic tilt and forward shoulder that were the root cause of the tear.

And the same goes for your lower back. You might be told your hamstrings are tight, and you need to stretch them more. But you’re not getting to the root cause. That’s not important though. What’s important is you’re here now and hopefully you see why the musculoskeletal system being out of its optimal design is really the root cause of most every pain and injuries.

Do I need to do the exercises you prescribe every day?

Do you need to breathe every day? Do you need to drink water every day? How about brush your teeth? What about flossing?

The answer is “Yes, if you want the best results for your body.” I posed those three questions as my response in that order because that would be an appropriate order of importance.

You have to breathe every day. If you don’t drink water for an entire day, you’ll definitely feel the affects.

Yes, you could restore your water balance the next day, but you will pay a price for doing this regularly. And unfortunately some people do this for large chunks of the day with water. With brushing your teeth and flossing, you might not notice of feel any ill effects for months, maybe even a year or two. But you will pay the price for random brushing and flossing.

As I write this, I’m about to head to the dentist. And my being “too busy” helping others will have me paying a price of some sorts. Fortunately, I eat very well. But I already know I’m going to pay a price.

And if you’re in some kind of pain, or have tightness daily in say your lower back, you have to decide whether or not you want to remove those from your life. This is a DECISION, and an important one.

Stop looking at exercise (properly designed exercise as we’ve designed for you), as something you “have to do.”

Start looking at your prescribed exercises you “want to do.”

When you do that long enough, you will want to do them. Why? Because you’re going to feel great. And you won’t want to relinquish that feeling over a little laziness.

Always remember:

“Maintenance costs less time, money, and pain than repairing.”

If I’m in pain, how long will it take to feel better?

I don’t know.

Seriously, it will be malpractice to tell you otherwise. What I can say is I’ve worked with people who had borderline debilitating pain, and they felt massive relief in less than 30-minutes.

Now that relief could be temporary for you. It may only last a few hours. But if you’ve been in pain, and you’re created this dysfunctional body through accumulated years, you’re smartest to realize it’s going to take some time to make pain free living permanent.

But it may not be long for you. This process you’re going through is PROVEN and it flat out works. Why? Simply because it’s working in harmony with the way your body was designed. It’s not masking pain. It’s putting your body back in it’s optimal design where pain doesn’t exist – and where a more energetic life (think of children) is the norm.

What I caution you about though is this: If you begin your custom treatment menu of exercises, and feel very quick relief – keep doing it daily. Don’t think because the pain is gone, you don’t need to engage your body any more. Likewise, we’re better served as a society to move away from “I have to exercise to lose weight” to “I exercise to maintain great health.”

If you’re contacting me for In Home Visits or Skype Visits, the process normally takes between 8-16 visits. From there, I believe our health relationship to be as important as any you have. And a checkup every six months will really keep your overall health in the sweet spot.

And as a member, you’ll have ongoing communication and support to maintain optimal health.

Now, if you’re reading this and you’re not in pain, but you now know (after looking at one of our videos or reading on this site), that your current postural alignment being out of the optimal design will likely cause you problems later….Then you may be wondering “How long until I see changes in my posture alignment?”

Again, I cannot give you an exact time frame for two reasons. I don’t know:

  1. The extent of your dysfunctions
  2. How much time you’re willing to commit to your success

I can learn a new language faster IF I’m willing to commit more time to it. So this is up to you. But what took years to create – your dysfunctions – won’t take the same number of years to correct. The body is amazingly responsive when you give it what it wants.

And what your body wants is optimal design movement daily.


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If I like to go to a massage therapist or chiropractor, can I still go?

Absolutely. The method and process you will go through with us will actually make life easier for your massage therapist or chiropractor.

Remember, muscles move bones. That’s why you can’t just crack a neck that’s positioned forward back in its optimal design.

And some people don’t like a hands-on manipulation. It makes them uncomfortable. So our completely hands-off approach, where your body shifts itself back into the optimal alignment has such appeal.

In fact, many chiropractors have come to use the Egoscue Method process for themselves, and when clients don’t respond to manipulation. I trained with a veteran chiropractor.

What you may find over time though is your body doesn’t feel the need to have any special manipulation or massage. Why? Because you’re going to feel great already.

Now you can schedule a massage for pure relaxation, or after specific sporting events that really push your body past its comfort zone. And massages like this can serve a great purpose. So by all means enjoy.


Will my insurance plan cover my treatments?

For all the talk about Wellness Programs and Preventative Medicine, most insurance coverage is geared around the established medical industry. That likely will not change.

Being a recognized leader in non-medical, non-evasive, non-prescription drug pain relief should open up insurance companies eyes. But we both know that’s wishful thinking in politically motivated world.

But certainly you getting better, and staying healthy and vibrant should trump all. And we really have to take our own health into our hands.

With that said, please check with your employer, as they may have a provision for using our treatment services. And if they don’t, we would be happy to talk with them about making our services a part of a building a healthier company with lower health care costs.


Do I need to purchase equipment for my exercises?

You can do virtually every exercise we would prescribe for you without any equipment.

That’s one of the great things when you’re talking about Optimal Design Exercises. With that said, your customized treatment program may benefit from having a few simple pieces of equipment.

But you won’t need any equipment to begin, and you can always find a way to do everything you need without any devices. For some, one device (the Egoscue Tower) will just make performing the exercise a bit easier.


Can I continue to lift weights while doing my treatment exercises?

I can’t force you to stop lifting weights, or running, or playing your sport.

Nor can I say that you would need to stop until I conduct an analysis of your specific situation.

Often times it is recommended that someone pull back from participating in some exercises like lifting weights.

Think about it this way: Straighten before Strengthen. Make sense? Let me give a specific example with weight lifting. If you can’t even get into a good form squat position without any weight, do you think it’s a good idea to throw weights on top of your back?

Of course not….But that’s exactly what people are doing every day.

Now, most of these people have no idea their structural integrity is compromised. They don’t see their right shoulder elevated higher than their left. They don’t see their feet everted (pointing out).

But you’re here now, and you have the chance to know what’s going on with your body, have it fully analyzed, and then improve it.

In the end, if you have to play a sport, you will benefit greatly by performing the custom exercises I prescribe for you BEFORE you play your sport. Your body will be in a better position to execute, to avoid injuries.