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Yes, I was channel flicking early Sunday morning.

And there was Dr. Ho energetically showing off his back decompression belt.

The concept is this belt helps stretch and lift the lower back muscles and relieves the pressure on the discs. I don’t know how many of these he’s sold, but I imagine it’s a lot.

Why? Lots of people with back pain. And lots of people who’ve already bought other gadgets and creams to relieve their back pain.

So will it work?

Sure. For some people, it will give them some relief. But at what cost?

What do I mean by that? Simply, that – if they don’t aggressively address the root cause of their lower back pain – this belt will become a bad crutch for them.

It’s nothing more than what an ice or heat pack might mean in terms of relief to others. Or a pain pill. The appeal is obvious. You’re in pain, and you want out of pain. Maybe you’re taking pain pills and want to stop. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of being in pain.

Now without knowing every persons personal health profile – what’s wrong, why their back hurts – it’s impossible to tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.

What I can say is this:

For most people, all or virtually all back pain and discomfort can be eliminated (and pretty quickly) IF they address the root cause.

Here’s the problem:

Addressing the real root cause will mean work.

We’re talking about proper movement that works the body in a way that addresses the deficiencies causing the pain in the first place. Take care of those deficiencies and imbalances, and no pain.

You can’t get around the fact that a body that’s not in proper alignment combined with poor movement patterns will produce undue, unnecessary stress on the body. When you bend and move predominantly from the spine, herniated discs and other problems will eventually appear.

When you move and bend from the powerful fulcrum that is the pelvis – and do it properly – back pain becomes ancient history. The powerful muscles of the glutes and hamstrings (and the quads but not in the way many people think) drive the body. Think about it. Big powerful muscles doing the work or your spine?

No brainer. The problem is most people are using their spine way to much to do the big muscles work. Bad for the back, and bad for those hungry, power muscles.

Use the pelvis as your fulcrum and your body will reward you for a lifetime.

And this means no need for Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt.

Hey, if you have it already, and want to use it for a little bit, that’s fine. But more importantly, make sure you go through a process like we do here at Pure Health Performance to analyze where your musculoskeletal system alignment is now. And then take the action from the specific plan of action we proscribe.

Then, when you hear someone talking about the Dr. Ho belt, or any other contraption, you’ll be able to step in and set them straight.


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